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Socio Religious Centre (SRC) began as a centre for innovative service in the social and religious spheres of the life of the country. Managed by a core group of Jesuits, this centre collaborated with people to render meaningful service to human society. Situated in the ancient city of Calicut in Kerala, it seeks to study the needs of the times and serve these needs through scientific and innovative programs of reflection and action on a broad front of the social and religious life of India.

The activities of SRC consisted of seminars, camps, courses in scripture and theology, group dynamics, counselling, public speaking and communication, spoken English, and spirituality programmers like directed retreats, charismatic programmers, prayer seminars and inter-religious dialogue sessions. SRC became a centre for youth activities in the city, especially the university students. The Centre also initiated music and dance classes for children of the locality, which later developed into Talentsa Orchestra. The Sahrudaya Club which was started in 1960 by Fr Mathew Moozhiyil also came under the supervision and guidance of SRC.

From the beginning of the twenty first century, the focus of SRC programmes shifted more towards psychological and spiritual spheres. However, it must be added that right from the beginning of SRC, especially since 1976 when Fr. Jos Mekat joined SRC team, Personal Growth Workshops of eight to ten days were begun and were popular and still continue. In addition, there was a three months course once a year integrating psychology, social awareness and analysis, and Indian spirituality. After two or three years the three months were shortened to one month and christened Training in Counselling and Spiritual Direction.

Born of the vision of the Jesuits of Kerala, the Socio Religious Centre (SRC) made its debut in 1972. When Novitiate and College going Juniorate were closed in 1972, a thinking came up to use this place by starting courses for people. For this poultry farms were renovated and living rooms were made. Fr. Dominic George, Fr. P.C Antony, Fr. Jose Mathew Malancheruvil etc. teamed up for various activities in SRC. On 27th August, 1972 the Socio Religious Centre (SRC) was started with Fr. Dominic George as Director and Fr. K C Thomas as Associate Director. The centre was formally inaugurated in 1973. The first program in the centre was a retreat for some groups.

The main focus of the organization is Social questions and problems connected with it and religious people in need of further training. Initially retreats, camps, seminars, scripture and theology courses, and various kinds of social religious and cultural programs were conducted here. In less than two years, SRC became busy with programs, camps, courses, seminars, retreats, and dialogue sessions. There was still an emphasis on intellectual programs. A Socio – Economic Survey was conducted by the team of Fr. K.P Mathew and Fr. Jose Mathew Malancheruvil first in Vellayil coastal area using volunteers from AICUF Calicut Zone –City, Providence College, Devgiri College, Medical college and REC units. On the basis of this scientific survey, ‘Beach Blossom’ project was formed.

Within a span of 5 years, this was spread to different coastal villages in Calicut. Involvement in the fishermen’s struggle throughout Kerala was significant and decisive in the history of SRC. Social Awareness and Leadership training camps also were conducted for college, school and rural youth.

The extreme inadequacy of the full-time personnel and finances were the prime constraints on SRC. By 1975, SRC got additional full time personnel, who infused fresh life and new depth into the programs. Fr. K.C Thomas raised fund from Germany for the renewal and remodelling works and developed the Library and Seminar Hall. By the end of 1975 SRC had grown in stature and wide acceptance in the whole of Kerala.

The Socio Religious Centre (SRC) got registered under Societies Registration Act 1860 on 30th April 1981.


Fisher women of coastal areas, women from the parishes, religious women, dalit, tribal women and migrant workers from other states.


Fisher men of coastal areas of Kozhikode, men from the parishes, religious men, dalit, tribal men and migrant workers from other states.


School children, Children from fisher community, children of dalit and tribal community.


Youth of coastal area, youth from dalit and tribal community, poor, University students

Our Facilities

We rent out a number of facilities which makes our place a perfect location for retreats, seminars and training programs. Our facilities include:

  • Spacious rooms with attached bathrooms, which can accommodate upto 50 people. These rooms are available for 2,3 and 4 occupancies.

  • Fully equipped seminar hall with LCD projector, sound systems and generator with an occupancy of 100 people.

  • A sophisticated conference hall that supports audio visual equipment that can hold upto 25 people.

  • An elaborate and well furnished dining hall which has a capacity of 100 people.

  • To add to all these, the presence of a calm, serene and noise-free environment that energises the senses and is the perfect place for meditation and yoga.